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Our Unique High Intensity Circuit Training Class will

push you to the EDGE

Compound Performance Training

Workout, Energize, Socialize.

Compound Performance Training is a high intensity circuit training class that is designed to burn fat, improve muscle tone, develop functional strength and flexibility. We use a mixed-modality approach – combining dynamic resistance training exercises with plyometric drills to induce peak metabolic stress requisite for growth and progress.

Come join us! Connect with our group of dedicated and energizing students, train hard… and transform!

  • Dynamic training programs to accelerate progress and ensure that workouts will never get boring or repetitive.
  • Utilize a wide variety of exercise tools and techniques – free weights, strength machines, BOSUs, medicine balls, resistance bands, and plyometric drills.
  • Small class size (4-10 people per class) to preserve individual attention.
  • Access to the proprietary Holistic Fitness Theory – providing practical fitness hacks to accelerate your growth.
I've been training with Mikey for about a year now. He's great.


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