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Nutrition Coaching

Customized Nutrition, Sustainable Results.

Nutrition is a critical piece of the fitness puzzle that can make or break a client’s ability achieve their  performance and body composition goals. The pervasive problem stems from the overlooked concept that “healthy nutrition” is a subjective term… At EDGE Holistic Fitness, we believe in an individualized approach. We create customized nutrition programs that are designed to accommodate each client’s unique biochemistry; modulating macronutrients according to genetic, lifestyle, and physical activity factors.

Fat Loss isn’t Math, its Physiology.

At EDGE, we know that fat loss and muscle growth is more complicated than the conventional calories in vs. calories out model. Accordingly, we advocate cutting-EDGE Holistic Health Hacking strategies – such as intermittent fasting, fuel partitioning, glycemic load calculations, and effective supplements – scientifically proven to stimulate the metabolism beyond simple caloric deficits.

Nutrition Programming

Rather than attempting extreme diets that are incredibly stringent and provide temporary weight loss, our nutrition programs are designed with long-term satisfaction in mind. We customize each meal to accommodate your distinct food preferences and nutrition goals, ensuring practical options – both at home and at your favorite restaurants – that deliver results.

Check out how our unique meal plans will satisfy your tastes, while nourishing your body!

Features & Investment
  • Nutrition program – includes 5 options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks; includes homemade recipes and restaurant meal options.
  • High quality/organic foods to mitigate toxic load.
  • Low glycemic options to ensure healthy blood sugar levels and optimal fat loss beyond conventional carb counting. 
  • List of effective supplements to further boost your metabolism and address other health concerns.
  • $250/Nutrition Program


Nutrition Coaching

While Nutrition Programming provides the logistical data – what you need to eat to thrive – Nutrition Coaching goes a step beyond by addressing the emotional and contextual components that influence your actual behavior. In each session, nutrition data will be evaluated to discern compliance to your nutrition goals; feedback is provided accordingly. Through transparency, accountability, and positive reinforcement, the coaching process empowers you to make healthier choices and develop powerful habits conducive towards progress.

Discover how Nutrition Coaching can help you break old patterns that inhibit growth!

Features & Investment
  • Nutrition program – includes 5 options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks; includes homemade recipes and restaurant meal options.
  • Detailed analysis of meal composition and daily totals, including: macronutrient goals, Intermittent Fasting, Nutrient Partitioning, and supplements.
  • High quality/organic foods
  • Avoid low quality, toxic foods and cooking methods
  • Effective supplements
  • 1-month program = $400
  • 2-month program = $700
  • 3-month program = $1,000