Holistic Fitness Theory

Holistic Fitness = Exercise + Nutrition + Stress Management + Good Sleep

Holistic Fitness” is not just a buzz word or a training fad – it has true meaning and methodology here at EDGE.   The EDGE Holistic Fitness philosophy is simple:  maximize results by accommodating the synergistic effects of exercise, nutrition, stress management, and sleep quality. The details of which are thoroughly outlined in our proprietary Holistic Fitness Theory document.

Holistic fitness is a lifestyle change

Research and anecdotal evidence agree:  yo-yo dieting and crash-course fitness boot camps do not produce long-lasting results, due to their intrinsically extreme nature.  We strive for sustainable balance.  The Holistic Fitness Theory was devised to help people transition into a healthier lifestyle.

The EDGE Advantage

All EDGE Holistic Fitness clients will receive access to the Holistic Fitness Theory document, regardless of the package of services they choose.  The practical and sustainable strategies contained within is the very essence that gives us the EDGE over our competitors.  Clients who diligently follow the tenants of the Holistic Fitness Theory achieve results quickly!  This is due to the synergistic effect associated with carefully balancing the needs of the body.