Full-Body Spin











This is not your average spin class…

Push your body to the limit through a grueling array of speed, power, and hill sprints.  Burn out your legs, then grab a pair of weights and perform some upper body resistance exercises – again to exhaustion.  Essentially, this spin class creates a full body training effect – and with it – full body lactic acid surges that will leave your body fat defenseless.  This dynamic not only adds more variety and fun, but also burns significantly more calories and tones more muscle vs. traditional spin classes.

If you love spinning and want to up your game, or just want burn a copious amount of fat while toning your whole body, Full-Body SpinTM is the class for you.

Small class size: Up to 10 people per class. This will ensure that each individual, through a class environment, can still get their fair share of personal attention.

Full-Body Spin is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.