Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training











Group Personal Training – Share the gift of fitness!


Group Personal Training is an alternative to 1-on-1 Personal Training. The philosophy and methodology is the same as personal training, except with the added benefit of sharing the experience with friends and family! Program design, while not as specific to each individual’s goals, will take into account the collective goals of the group. It is also a more affordable form of personal training due to shared cost.



  • High intensity, short duration workouts – 30 or 45 minute sessions.
  • Access to the proprietary Holistic Fitness Theory document with basic nutrition support.
  • Perfect exercise form and technique.
  • Have fun getting in shape with your friends!
  • Achieve fitness and aesthetic goals in the most time-effective manner.
  • Correct postural deviations and improve joint stability and mobility.
  • Experience real motivation and accountability.
  • Reduced cost per participant vs. 1-on-1 Personal Training.




30-minute sessions = $45-54/session + $15/additional client

  • 10 pack = $54/session
  • 20 pack = $50/session
  • 30 pack = $45/session

45-minute sessions = $64-77/session + $20/additional client

  • 10 pack = $77/session
  • 20 pack = $70/session
  • 30 pack = $64/session