1-on-1 Personal Training

1-on-1 Personal Training


There is Personal Training …


There is no doubt about it – working with a certified personal trainer is a great way to improve an individual’s health, fitness, and well-being.  A well-qualified personal trainer will be able to design and implement an individualized training program.  However, at EDGE Holistic Fitness, we strive for excellence beyond convention by providing our clients with a holistic program.


… and Cutting-EDGE Personal Training!


EDGE Personal Training implements a holistic approach – embodied within our proprietary Holistic Fitness Theory –  that includes effective strategies on optimizing exercise, nutrition, stress management, and sleep quality.  Our holistic system produces powerful synergy, helping our clients experience exemplary results.

EDGE Personal Training is a multifaceted service that provides our clients with essential education, motivation, focused attention, commitment and accountability. Our team of certified personal trainers, individually vetted by EDGE, are extremely well qualified and dedicated to their profession.  We deliver goal-oriented results, utilizing dynamic, high-intensity, short duration training programs that are backed by scientific methods and refined through years of clinical experience.  Our training method is designed with efficiency in mind, helping you achieve and maintain your fitness goals, while saving time and money.



  • High intensity, short duration workouts – 30 or 45 minute sessions.
  • Access to the proprietary Holistic Fitness Theory document with basic nutrition support.
  • Perfect exercise form and technique.
  • Enjoy highly focused attention with a trainer that truly cares.
  • Achieve specific fitness and aesthetic goals in the most time-effective manner.
  • Correct postural deviations and improve joint stability and mobility.
  • Experience real motivation and accountability.




30-minute sessions = $45 – 54/session

  • 10 pack x $54/session = $540
  • 20 pack x $50/session = $1000
  • 30 pack x $45/session = $1350

45-minute sessions = $64 – 77/session

  • 10 pack x $77/session = $770
  • 20 pack x $71/session = $1420
  • 30 pack x $64/session = $1920