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EDGE Holistic Fitness is a leader in personal trainer and corporate wellness services in Los Angeles. We have been providing expert health and fitness services since 2005 – helping individuals and organizations achieve – and maintain – their health and fitness goals.


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“As a holistic personal trainer, I use a synergistic method to help you achieve your fitness goals in the most time-efficient and sustainable fashion possible.”


What is EDGE?

Essential and Dynamic Guided Exercise isn’t just another name for the typical conventions of ‘Personal Training’; it is a unique philosophy and training application that delivers goal-oriented results in a safe, methodical, and effective way. EDGE IS the culmination of years of scientific study, hands-on experience, and an unyielding passion to bridge the gap between those that want, and those that have… Fitness.

Effective and Sustainable Fitness

EDGE Holistic Fitness specializes in a wide variety of Personal Training and Corporate Wellness wellness services to help our clients achieve their health, fitness, and wellness goals. Check out how our training and nutrition programs can help you get in the best shape of your life - and maintain it - in only 3-4 hours per week!

Latest Blogs

September, 09 2010

Treating Chronic and Acute Injuries

Sooner or later, everyone deals with joint or muscle pain.  The pain or discomfort that people experience in their muscles or joints can be associated with a wide variety of problems:  trauma or post trauma, overuse, and muscle imbalances. The pain or discomfort that people experience can be classified into two fundamental categories:  acute and […]

November, 20 2009

The Soy Conspiracy!

The egregious chasm between health promotion and health commotion is the driving force of the highly probable soy conspiracy.

February, 07 2014

Stress, Hormones, and Health – Part 1

  STRESS IS UBIQUITOUS IN LIFE… Almost every stimulus that a human being can experience causes some type of physiological, mental, or emotional stress.  The perception of light, for example, is considered a type of stress. Metabolism of foods produce “oxidative stress”.  Even exercise – infallible exercise – is incredibly stressful, and not just from […]

January, 29 2014

Physical Activity vs. High Intensity Training

Executive Summary: žYou can be physically active without being “fit”. Improving cardiorespiratory fitness is important for actual changes in all-cause mortality risk reduction. Exercise must be strenuous if it is to be effective in improving health, fitness, longevity, aesthetics and performance.   If your primary fitness goal is to lose body fat and/or improve muscle […]

January, 27 2014

Training Psychology and Philosophy – Part 2

  FITNESS IS MOST FAIR… Of all of the arenas in life, the pursuit of fitness is actually the most fair, it is most equitable.  A bold statement, I know.  But do please bare with me here… because I am about to blow your mind! In order to achieve anything in life, we must apply […]