Fitness Philosophy

Embrace Challenge.  Experience Results.

In order to achieve success in life, challenges must be met and conquered.  The good news?  Of all the arenas in life, fitness is the most fair and just; you put the work in, the results will ALWAYS follow.   Achieving your goals takes positive action and diligent effort –  the greater the challenge, the greater the immediate results. We exist to help you get the EDGE you need to succeed.

The Road to Fitness is Always Under Construction…

… and wonderfully so!

To achieve fitness – and maintain it – is a continuous process and commitment to oneself. Fitness requires a well-designed system of constructing positive habits while deconstructing negative ones. This is a worthy and transcendent objective as it confers improvement in all qualities of life!  We are here to help you conquer this challenge!

Educate –> Motivate –> Participate

EDGE Holistic Fitness provides the essential education, dynamic motivation, and guided participation to help our clients stay on the path to fitness; and we know everyone is capable!

Our passion is to provide an elite Personal Training experience while developing essential training psychology. We pride ourselves on coaching our clients to eliminate barriers to success. Coupled with our proprietary Holistic Fitness Theory, we give our clients the EDGE they deserve to achieve sustainable fitness.