Corporate Fitness Center Design

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Custom Designed On-site Training Solutions


Developing an on-site Corporate Fitness Center is a great  way to help your employees improve their fitness.  A well-designed facility provides convenient access to training equipment, allowing employees to partake in regular exercise before or after work, or during lunch.

EDGE Holistic Fitness specializes in designing and furnishing on-site Corporate Training Centers.  Through our team of fitness professionals, equipment specialists and suppliers, we ensure that our clients receive high-quality equipment that accommodates their training preferences, space limitations and budget.  We pride ourselves on utilizing space-efficient and multi-use equipment that optimizes potential, foregoing unnecessary equipment and related cost.

Once your Corporate Training Center is established, our team of qualified Personal Trainers would be honored to administer Personal Training and Group Fitness services for your employees, further adding value to your investment.



  • Custom-designed on-site training space.
  • Complementary education and demonstration of equipment and exercise techniques.
  • Convenient access to training facility will maximize value for your company’s employees.