Compound Performance Training

The More you Give, the More you Get!

Are you ready for a dynamic and intense cardio-strength training program? Then Compound Performance Training is what you are looking for!

Compound Performance Training is a high energy circuit training class that is designed to burn fat, build and tone muscle, and develop functional strength/flexibility.  This circuit training class uses a multivariate approach; students will challenge themselves through a combination of: plyometric, power/speed, and agility drills, balanced with wholesome resistance training techniques.

The benefits are abundant, but the work is tough (as it needs to be).  Expect to sweat, push your heart to the limits, and burn your muscles with floods of lactic acid.  But not to worry, everyone can do it, as long as they know – and – push themselves to their limit.

Circuit training classes are ubiquitous… you can find one at any gym.  However, here are some of the advantages Compound Performance Training provides:

  • Pre-programmed Training Format: To ensure progressive and dynamic workouts that will never get “boring” or repetitive. This will also ensure that each student will continue to develop beyond plateaus.
  • Utilize a wide variety of exercise tools: Dumbbells, strength machines,  Bosus, medicine balls, resistance bands, athletic and plyometric equipment, and more!
  • Small class size: Up to 10 people per class. This will ensure that each individual, though in a class environment, can still get their fair share of personal attention.
  • Integrated Network: Students are encouraged to create and maintain a network of communication and support to enhance participation and class rapport.

Compound Performance Training is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.