1-on-1 Personal Training

The Distinctions of EDGE Personal Training

EDGE Personal Training is a multifaceted service that provides clients with the education, motivation, focused attention, commitment and accountability that everybody needs to be fit.

The Education…

Struggling with training in circles? Are you relentlessly performing arbitrary exercises with little understanding and little development, over and over again? If this sounds familiar, then you may be lacking the necessary knowledge to make a powerful difference in your workouts. Working with a Personal Trainer is the fastest and most effective way to learn the essentials of strength training, nutrition, weight management, and healthy lifestyle development.

The Motivation…

Anyone can benefit from the influence and motivation from an enthusiastic mentor; and Personal Trainers are mentors of physical fitness! It is their purpose to help push you through your self-imposed limitations so that you can finish what you started – strong!

The Focused Attention…

1-on-1 Personal Training is – hands down – the best way to get the focused attention that you need to quickly and safely develop perfect exercise techniques in any training application. And with all of the attention, you will be confident that you will be training in the most effective fat-burning intensities that are specific to you.

The Commitment and Accountability…

Think about it… how many times have you promised yourself that you’re going to workout today? Only to find the next day that you have, yet again, lied to yourself, and failed to get it done. Sound familiar? If your commitment to yourself is lacking, then let a Personal Trainer help you! Personal Training will make you accountable by developing a relationship based on integrity, motivation, and a solid commitment to fulfilling your goals.

The Training Techniques and Tools…

EDGE Personal Training utilizes a wide variety of training techniques and tools to accommodate your specific fitness needs and ensure optimal progression! To see some examples, click below.

Training Techniques
  • Essential Stability Training – Beginner Functional Training program: develop joint stability, balance, coordination; learn and perfect basic lifting techniques.
  • Cardio Strength Training – Intermediate Conditioning program: improve cardiovascular strength/endurance, fat metabolization, and muscle tone; advance balance and coordination skills.
  • Hypertrophy Strength Training – Intermediate Strength program: increase muscle size and strength; improve resting metabolism; learn and perfect heavy lifting techniques.
  • Plyometric Power Training – Intermediate Power program: improve peak force production and muscle recruitment; learn dynamic stabilization/balance skills; advance cardiovascular strength and fat metabolization; learn and perfect advanced lifting techniques and sport specific skills.
  • Olypic Power Training – Advanced Power program: maximize peak force production and muscle recuitment; advance muscle size and strength; learn and perfect Olympic lifting techniques;
  • Kettlebell Training – learn and perfect dynamic kettlebell exercises and drills.
  • Sport Specific Training – develop necessary strength, conditioning, and kinetic skills associated with Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Football, etc.

EDGE Personal Training is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.