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Hello and Welcome to my Holistic Health Blog!

Holistic Fitness This blog is dedicated to providing honest, integral, and practical information on the pursuit of holistic health and fitness. The aspiration for this blog is to provide two essential things:  Education and Motivation. On the educational side of things... There is a lot of misinformation and controversy in the health industry, which is the unfortunate consequence of greed and an apparent lack of respect for humanity. My aim is to provide authentic, practical, and holistic health and fitness information and answers to common fitness concerns.  Knowledge is power... and if you know what to do, you're that much closer to getting it done. As for the motivation, it is my ardent wish that I can inspire my readers to be proactive in their pursuit of holistic health and fitness; to take action and provide feedback based on their experiences. I will strive to create and maintain rapport that is conducive towards developing new health habits and an open dialogue for the various experiments I implore you to try. The scope of this blog will cover many topics in depth, including:  nutrition, cardio training, strength training, supplementation, stress and recovery management, organic foods and products, as well as reviewing popular health products and services. For more information about me, please browse my Bio. For information about my professional services, please browse my Services.

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January, 29 2014

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