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Sooner or later, everyone deals with joint or muscle pain.  The pain or discomfort that people experience in their muscles or joints can be associated with a wide variety of problems:  trauma or post trauma, overuse, and muscle imbalances....
Coping with pain

November, 20 2009

The Soy Conspiracy!

The egregious chasm between health promotion and health commotion is the driving force of the highly probable soy conspiracy.

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February, 07 2014

Stress, Hormones, and Health – Part 1

  STRESS IS UBIQUITOUS IN LIFE… Almost every stimulus that a human being can experience causes some type of...
January, 29 2014

Physical Activity vs. High Intensity Training

Executive Summary: žYou can be physically active without being “fit”. Improving cardiorespiratory fitness is important for actual changes in...
January, 27 2014

Training Psychology and Philosophy – Part 2

  FITNESS IS MOST FAIR… Of all of the arenas in life, the pursuit of fitness is actually the...

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