Impact Power Training

Impact Power Training


















Where Fitness, Fun, and Self-defense Fuse.


Impact Power Training is a unique hybrid-kickboxing class that combines practical and advanced striking techniques – derived from Taekwondo and Hapkido – with plyometric drills for an ultimate, explosive workout.

Impact Power Training, contrary from traditional kickboxing classes, utilizes the tenants of High Intensity Interval Training: train at an extremely high intensity, then rest, then repeat… This unique approach provides a slew of aesthetic (IE:  lean muscle mass), fitness, and performance benefits.   The long rest intervals enable students to continuously produce peak power round after round.  This in turn helps to develop more effective martial arts techniques, all the while causing metabolic stress necessary for fat loss and muscle growth.  Not to mention, the combos are amazing!



  • Access to the proprietary Holistic Fitness Theory document.
  • Fat Loss & Stress Relief
  • Functional & Dynamic Flexibility
  • Explosive Power & Endurance
  • Martial Arts Technique & Form
  • Confidence & Self-defense