Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness









Cutting-EDGE Corporate Wellness

EDGE Holistic Fitness specializes in creating and administrating wellness programs that engage participants in meaningful activities designed to improve health outcomes and productivity, while increasing the organization’s bottom line.

Our objective is to identify opportunities within an organization to reduce employee costs and improve work efficiency. This is achieved by implementing a proven system that includes:

  • Evaluating health risk categories and workplace environment
  • Surveying the employee population to ascertain prospective wellness initiative interests
  • Maximizing engagement and participation through targeted interventions that accommodate the needs of the organization and the preferences of the participants
  • Analyzing quantitative (e.g. metrics) and qualitative (e.g. feedback) data, update program variables accordingly


High-touch + Best Practices = Return on Investment

EDGE Holistic Fitness utilizes a high-touch approach that motivates participants to take ownership of their health, facilitating action plans that create sustainable, long-term behavior change. Using industry-leading best practices and proven methods, our clients intrinsically save money by improving the productivity and lowering medical expenses of their workforce:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve focus and work-efficiency
  • Expanding organizational value
  • Boosting job satisfaction, company loyalty, and retention
  • Reduce frequency and severity of medical claims, injury, disability, and related expenses


Strategic Integration and Engagement

Client and participant satisfaction are top priorities, which is why EDGE Holistic Fitness coordinates wellness programs in close partnership with stakeholders, executive team, human resources, and management to develop and maintain engagement at every level of the organization.


Time-efficiency = Sustainability

EDGE Holistic Fitness implements a proprietary array of training, nutrition, and lifestyle parameters to empower participants to achieve and maintain health outcomes. Our unique philosophy and action plan is manifested in the Holistic Fitness Theory document, which consists of 4 integral components:  exercisenutrition, stress management, and sleep quality. This holistic system enables participants to significantly improve their health and fitness with only 3-4 hours of exercise per week. The efficiency of this system drives sustainable, long-term behavior change.