About Us

Our History


EDGE is an acronym that stands for Essential and Dynamic Guided Exercise.  Innovated and founded by Michael Mills in 2006, EDGE originally started as an emergent training philosophy that administered Personal Training services at a private training studio in Old Town Pasadena, CA.

After years of personal training practice, client success, and extensive scientific research, EDGE Personal Training evolved into EDGE Holistic Fitness.  Michael continued to refine his methods by modulating his clients’ nutrition and providing recommendations for managing stress and improving sleep quality.  The accelerated and sustainable results were indeed encouraging and thus laid the foundation for the development of the proprietary Holistic Fitness Theory.

Recognizing the ubiquitous benefits and demand for employee health and fitness programs, EDGE Holistic Fitness has developed comprehensive Corporate Wellness Programs that go well-beyond the traditional awareness-based methodology dominant in the wellness market.